We work with a variety of organisations focusing on developing employee wellbeing, performance, and retention. For some companies, this involves completing a wellbeing audit and then helping them to design and implement the initial stages of their wellbeing strategy. For others, we provide tailored talks and workshops as part of their existing wellbeing initiatives. These sessions cover a range of topics depending on the needs of the organisation, from the use of mindfulness in the workplace and strategies to enhance wellbeing, through to combatting anxiety, time management, workplace mental health and stress resilience. 

Key Services:

  • Company Wellbeing Audits
  • Tailored Wellbeing Strategies
  • Workshops & Talks Targeting Performance and Wellbeing
  • Train the Trainer Packages
  • Workplace Mental Health First Aid Courses (MHFA)
  • Performance Coaching

If you would like to discuss how we could work with your organisation please get in touch.