MHFA England has now launched their new best practice guidance for employers and employees. This document provides superb advice on how to effectively incorporate Mental Health First Aid in the Workplace. Using case studies from Thames Water, Royal Mail, WHSmith and other organisations it gives great examples of what does and doesn’t work. It’s well worth a read and if you’re in a position to start implementing this in your workplace do get in touch. We offer public and bespoke in-house MHFA training courses throughout England.

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Louise Ansell

Louise is a Performance and Wellbeing Coach, and the Director of Sky Bounders Ltd. She writes most of the Sky Bounders courses and articles and works with a range of clients on a personal coaching, training and consultancy basis. When she's not travelling, you'll find her enjoying life’s crazy adventures – whether that’s in the mountains, climbing on sea cliffs, trail riding, messing about in boats or simply enjoying exploring new places.

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