Ever feel like life is slightly monotonous, or find yourself craving a little more adventure? Sometimes it’s easy to start wondering if you need to make big changes to your life, or if you’ll need to wait until the kids grow up, the next job, the next holiday etc. In reality though it’s really easy to bring an added spark of excitement to your daily life nowThis doesn’t mean rushing out and booking a safari, taking up kitesurfing or learning how to sky dive (unless you want to of course!).

We can add excitement to our daily lives really easily at virtually no cost financially or time wise. The key to it, is often just increasing the levels of variety that we experience. So if you want to add a little more spark to your days, here are 20 boredom busters that you can start today. How many will you do? 

Change Your Daily Habits

We all fall into routines in our lives. Some of these are necessary, but often they’re formed of habits that have developed unconsciously over time. It’s time to live more consciously, to experience more, to live more! 

1.Spice up your journeys. Many of us have to regularly travel to and from the same locations, whether that’s work, picking the kids up from school, or going to the gym or shops. You may have found the quickest journey time but why not allow a little more time and go for the scenic option or travel through somewhere you’ve not seen before.

2. Change your schedule. If you always meet people at the same time, on the same day in the same place then you’re likely to have the same kind of experience. Try out alternatives. Even the same coffee bar on a different day at a different time is likely to offer different faces if nothing else. Preferably try a new location altogether. TripAdvisor is an easy way of getting top recommendations in your local area.

3. Get a different perspective! If you always sit in the same place during meetings, change positions occasionally. Similarly if you work on a laptop, try mixing up where you choose to sit. The different lighting, back drop and even sitting position can make a refreshing change.

4. Make your lunch a culinary adventure! If you always eat the same food in the same place at lunch time – try something new. Jamie Oliver has some great ideas for healthy lunches, and they’re likely to be a lot more exciting than sarnies!


5. Pick somewhere to explore. Find a map of your local area and switch on your curiosity. It could be a village, a town, a historical monument, or even just somewhere completely random! You could either use Google Maps or, even better, order an Ordnance Survey map of your area – that way you can easily look at the whole area in one go. 

6. Find your local green spaces. People often live for years in an area, and have no idea about beautiful parkland areas right on their door step. Look on Google Maps for parks, nature reserves, lakes, or reservoirs, and go for an explore. Even better, grab your trainers and go for a run!

7. Head out on a bike journey to somewhere new. You could cycle to the next town for lunch and then cycle back. Alternatively go for a cycle to a pub that you haven’t been to yet (go easy on your tipples though, unless you want a very entertaining return journey!).

Change Your Environment

8. Eat under the stars! If you don’t want to cook, pick up a takeaway. Find a natural space, whether it’s a green field, a park or the beach. Take a picnic blanket, your favourite nibbles and a bottle. If it’s too cold to sit outside, then head out in your car. Wrap up warm, put a good sound track on and park somewhere you can enjoy your meal with a beautiful view. P.s You don’t need to stand on your car unless you want to :)

9. Redesign your environment. Whether you change the full layout or simply change the pictures on the wall, it all adds a little variety to your daily life. You may also want to have a go at a decluttering approach or a spot of Feng shui.

10. Catch the sunrise. Dawn is one of the most special times of the day, yet most of us sleep through it. So find somewhere with a good view to the east (your phone may well have a compass), set your alarm early, and go to watch the sun rising up to greet the world.  

Try Different Activities

11. Try a taster of a new sport, exercise or dance class. Local sports centres and colleges are a great starting point often offering a complete range of options from Indian Dancing to Martial Arts. Step out of your comfort zone a little. Remember, it’s just a taster. You may love it and want to continue, but even if you don’t, it’s likely to be an experience you won’t forget.

12. Learn a new language. Even if it’s just a few words! Duolingo has a great app with challenges and games to help you learn 29 different languages. It’s also free and you can have a play whenever you have a few minutes spare. If you want something a little more structured, then there are programmes for different languages on Babbel or you can get online Skype tutoring on Verbling. 

13. Kick your creative side into action. Whether it’s drawing a sketch or writing a poem, through to picking up some craft materials and creating a sculpture out of modelling clay, or having a bash at your first oil painting. If you need added impetus why don’t you create something for someone’s birthday, or just as a surprise to let them know you were thinking of them. Guaranteed, that no matter how amateurish you think it looks, they will be touched by the gesture. 

14. Pick a different nationality and find a classic recipe to cook. We can access ingredients from all over the world now, so don’t just stick with the same usual weekly meals. Spice it up a little. A Greek moussaka, Moroccon tagine, Pad Thai… the list is endless! To help you with a few ideas check out BBC Good Food’s recipes from around the world.

15. Try your hand at a new musical instrument. You can pick up second hand instruments really easily from Gum Tree, Freecycle, Ebay or even local charity shops. There are lots of text books available, and you’re likely to have tutors nearby if you would like personal lessons. If you want to get going straight away though, check out YouTube – just searching ‘Guitar Lessons’ brings up millions of videos that are free to access. 

16. Go for a bounce at a trampoline park. No these are not just for youngsters! You can do as much or as little as you want and they’re great fun, particularly if you go with family or friends. Trampoline parks have popped up all over the UK. Check out Continental Sports for a pretty comprehensive list.

17. Rekindle your youth, dust off your skates and head out roller blading. If you don’t have any, then you can pick up a set from SkateHut quickly and relatively easily. (If you’re anything like me, don’t forget a set of pads too!) 

18. Go to see some local live music. We regularly use Lemon Rock to check out what local bands are playing nearby. You can normally find something of interest on most nights of the week. 

19. Get an introductory session at a climbing wall. There are over 600 in the UK now and most of them offer intro sessions. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge at all, just give them a call and book your session. 

20. Get a taste of your dreams. If you have your eyes on a flashy new car one day in the future, why not go for a test drive in it now. Similarly if a new home is on your list of goals, see if there’s something similar on the market now, and go for a viewing. It will help to whet your appetite and keep you focused on attaining your goals. 

These are just a few ideas for adding a little more excitement to your life. You don’t have to do all of these, but even just one or two will give an added spark to your day.

If you have any to add then let us know in the comments below…

Have a fantastic day.

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Louise Ansell

Louise is a performance, mental health and wellbeing specialist providing training and coaching solutions for individuals and organisations. This includes the MHFA Mental Health First Aid Courses, tailored Workplace Wellbeing Workshops and working with leaders to cultivate effective cultural change within their organisations. She writes most of the Sky Bounders courses and articles and works with a range of clients on a personal coaching, training and consultancy basis. Beyond the work context, you'll find her enjoying life’s crazy adventures – whether that’s in the mountains, climbing on sea cliffs, trail riding, messing about in boats or simply enjoying exploring beautiful places.


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