Compassion for Others
Ready for Sky Bounders Challenge No.1?

“How do we change the world? One random act of kindness at a time.”
Morgan Freeman

Compassion, kindness, and contribution are absolutely fundamental for the happiness of both ourselves and others. Some people donate a significant percentage of their income, others devote their time to helping charitable causes. This is admirable and very much needed, but kindness actually starts with our every day thoughts and behaviours.

Below are 12 simple acts of kindness that you could easily fit into each and every day. Your challenge is to complete as many as you can in one week. Tally up your score as you go along and let us know your total!

P.s to help you out, there’s a downloadable checklist at the end.

Showing You Care:

1.Each time someone speaks to you, give them your complete attention. Put your phone away, ignore other distractions and listen to their words. Don’t just glaze over and start mentally planning what you want to make for dinner, show interest in their stories, learn about their life. (1 Point each time you do this)

2.Make contact with people in your life, let them know you care – take Aunt Mo out for lunch, have a natter with your Mum on the phone, send a friend a catch up email. (4 Points)

3.Send a friend or family member a small gift, or a card just to let them know you were thinking of them. (5 Points)

Flexing Your Empathy Muscles:

4.If someone does something you don’t like, seek to understand and empathise before responding. Try to understand why they may have a different view point to yours. (4 Points each time you successfully achieve this)

5.If you get a call centre phone call, remember they’re people just like you – trying to get by in life. You may not want what they’re selling, but treat them with respect and kindness. (2 Points)

Praising Others:

6.If you think someone looks nice, tell them. It could be the outfit they’re wearing, their hair style, or simply that they’re looking happy and healthy! (1 Point for each compliment you give)

7.If someone does something well, tell them. That could be a colleague who does a good piece of work, through to the barista in your local cafe that makes an excellent cappuccino!  (2 Points for each dose of praise you deliver)

8.Help others to celebrate their achievements. Congratulate them in person if you have the chance. If you won’t be seeing them, then use another method. An email, a text, a comment on LinkedIn or even a like on facebook is feedback. (2 Points for each piece of congratulatory feedback you give)

Offering a Helping Hand:

9.We all know what it’s like when we’re rushing about and then drop everything that we’re carrying, or all of our loose change clatters to the floor. If someone drops something near you, then offer to help them pick it up. (1 Point)

10.Make time to help someone if they ask. It could be someone needing advice or recommendations, through to helping a friend who needs to borrow something, or simply needs a little of your time. (5 Points)

11.Hold the door open for people. It’s such a simple gesture but it sends a caring message. (1 Point)

12.Give up your seat for someone who needs it more than you. (2 Points)

So challenge on… If you did everything on this list just once you would earn 30 points. How many points will you get today? Download the checklist, tally up your points and let us know your score for the week in the comments below!

Have a fantastic day.

P.S The next challenge will be published soon.

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Louise Ansell

Louise is a performance, mental health and wellbeing specialist providing training and coaching solutions for individuals and organisations. This includes the MHFA Mental Health First Aid Courses, tailored Workplace Wellbeing Workshops and working with leaders to cultivate effective cultural change within their organisations. She writes most of the Sky Bounders courses and articles and works with a range of clients on a personal coaching, training and consultancy basis. Beyond the work context, you'll find her enjoying life’s crazy adventures – whether that’s in the mountains, climbing on sea cliffs, trail riding, messing about in boats or simply enjoying exploring beautiful places.


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