How We Help

We help individuals and teams to proactively develop their mental health, wellbeing and performance. Our tailored programmes include a blend of coaching, consultancy, training and talks depending on the needs of the organisation.

For some companies, this involves helping them to design and implement the initial stages of their wellbeing strategy. For others, we provide tailored talks, courses and workshops as part of their existing wellbeing initiatives.

  • Training in Proactive Wellbeing Strategies for Individuals and Organisations
  • Tailored Mental Health and Wellbeing Courses
  • Workshops Targeting Specific Aspects of Performance and Wellbeing
  • Keynote Talks and Podcast Interviews
  • MHFA England Workplace Mental Health First Aid Courses
  • Performance Coaching for Leaders including Mindset Coaching

    Recent Training Programmes, Workshops and Talks

    • Stress Busters – Fast Acting Strategies for Minimising Stress at Work
    • How Do You Know If Your Team Are Struggling
    • Strategies for Optimising Concentration and Focus
    • Strategies for FineTuning Your Levels of Compassion
    • Boosting and Sustaining Wellbeing As A Team
    • Practical Leadership Strategies to Build Your Team’s Wellbeing
    • Burnout – Identification, Prevention and Recovery
    • Protecting Your Mental Health During Times of Change
    • Mastering Your Energy (Without Depending on Caffeine!)
    • Control Your Fear – Fast Acting Strategies To Control Anxiety
    • Communicating With People Under Pressure
    • Making Remote Working Work For You & Your Team
    • Making 2021 An Amazing Year (Regardless of COVID!)
    • Smiling and Thriving – Student Mental Health in the Pandemic & Beyond
    • Preventing the Winter Blues
    • Finding Calm in the Chaos
    • Managing Change and Uncertainty
    • Strategies for Dealing With Overwhelm
    • Calming, Guiding & Inspiring – Communication Skills For Leaders
    • Moving Beyond ‘Chin Up’ – Helping Others With Depression
    • Moving Beyond ‘Calm Down’ – Helping Others With Anxiety
    • Managing Wellbeing in the Remote Working Context
    • Wellbeing Strategies for COVID19
    • Managing your Team’s Mental Health and Wellbeing during COVID19
    • Emotional Intelligence in Action – Leadership Communication Skills
    • Mindfulness in the Workplace
    • Developing the Mindset for Dealing with Challenges
    • Habits for Maximising Performance
    • Developing Sustainable Motivation
    • Stress Resilience
    • Communication Skills for Difficult Conversations
    • MHFA England Mental Health Awareness 
    • MHFA England Mental Health First Aid 

    Case Studies of Some of Our Work During the COVID Pandemic

    A comprehensive programme working with team members at all levels, before and during the Coronavirus Outbreak.This has included:

    • Training over 200 team members in Mental Health Awareness and Mental Health First Aid
    • Tailored talks and individual  coaching for senior leaders on Managing Stress, Wellbeing Strategies and Leadership Communication Skills in High Emotion Contexts
    • 60+ Tailored Workshops to support the Wellbeing and Performance of Leaders and their teams during the COVID pandemic

    A Mental Health and Wellbeing Programme tailored to the needs of their global technology operation. 

    This two part programme focuses on proactive strategies to develop wellbeing and performance in addition to how to manage mental health issues in the workplace. 

    This programme is now being rolled out to their senior leaders in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, USA, Slovakia, Luxembourg and the UK.

    Keynote addresses delivered at 16 conferences. 

    During the first 8 conferences the talk focused on Wellbeing Strategies During COVID19 with particular reference to the transition to remote working.

    The talk for the final 8 conferences explored how we can support student’s wellbeing during the pandemic.   

      Entrepreneurs Startup School

      A series of talks focusing on Wellbeing and Performance for business start ups. These sessions were designed to consider the challenges of the current context and beyond. Specific topics included:

      • Mindset Techniques to Embrace the Challenges Ahead
      • Habits for Maximising Performance
      • Developing Sustainable Motivation 

        We delivered a tailored programme focusing on providing coaching support and training for their leadership team during the COVID19 Outbreak. 

        This included:

        •  One to coaching sessions with senior leaders
        • A series of training sessions focusing on Leadership Communication Skills in High Emotion Contexts

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