Helping Individuals & Organisations to Make Happiness & Wellbeing a Priority

Our key focus is the development of happiness and wellbeing – for individuals, communities and organisations. We do this through training courses and a range of tailored workshops, in addition to sharing and contributing to the knowledge available on mental health, performance and wellbeing.  

“True happiness comes from gaining insight and growing into your best possible self.” – Aristotle”

We provide Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) courses for individuals and organisations throughout the UK. These internationally recognised training courses develop the knowledge and skills to enhance wellbeing in the work place. By the end of these courses, people have the knowledge to spot early warning signs of mental health issues, and the skills to support people if they’re having difficulties.

We also work on a consultancy basis with a variety of organisations focusing on developing employee wellbeing, performance, and retention. For some companies, this involves helping them to design and implement the initial stages of their wellbeing strategy. For others, we provide tailored talks and workshops as part of their wellbeing weeks. 

On top of that little lot, you’ll also find Articles and Resources covering relationships, career, health, wellbeing, travel, adventure and much more…

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Meet the Team...

Louise Ansell

Louise has extensive experience of developing training and coaching solutions for a range of individuals and organisations within the education sector, extreme sports industry, public and private sector business, the armed forces and emergency services.

Over a career spanning 25years, she has helped thousands to increase their levels of wellbeing and achievement, and to develop the skills and strategies to perform at their best, even under pressure. This has included working with leaders to manage high stress business contexts, through to helping people to think and act effectively in high pressure, ‘life or death’ situations.

Louise is an advanced skills trainer and holds a range of teaching and coaching qualifications including being a Strategic Intervention Coach, Master Life Coach, Mental Health First Aid trainer and Psychology degree holder (with a specialism in performance under pressure). Louise is also one of the few females to achieve one of the highest mountain instructing qualifications in the UK. She is also the Director of Sky Bounders Ltd and leads our training and coaching programmes.

Laura Tejada

Laura comes from a Career Advisor and Talent Consultancy background. Over the past 10 years she has worked closely with small, to enterprise sized organisations globally. Laura’s expertise contributes to our Lifestyle Design courses, in addition to working with organisations on a consultancy basis to improve employee wellbeing, retention and talent attraction. 

Laura also leads the permanent division for Curo Talent, headhunting and interviewing top candidates for Microsoft technology clients and consultancies. 

The Rest of the Team...

We also work with a range of independent consultants who contribute to our courses and coaching programmes. They are all carefully selected for their particular expertise, friendly approach and their proven ability to help people to move successfully towards their goals.

If you are interested in contributing to the Sky Bounders programmes please get in touch. We are currently welcoming connections with other Mental Health First Aid trainers, nutritionists, fitness consultants, and financial coaches.

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