Sky Bounders - Helping to Make Happiness & Wellbeing a Priority

How We Help

We help individuals and teams to proactively develop their mental health, wellbeing and performance. Our tailored programmes include a blend of coaching, consultancy, training and talks depending on the needs of the organisation.

For some companies, this involves helping them to design and implement the initial stages of their wellbeing strategy. For others, we provide tailored talks, courses and workshops as part of their existing wellbeing initiatives.

  • Training in Proactive Wellbeing Strategies for Individuals and Organisations
  • Tailored Mental Health and Wellbeing Courses
  • Workshops Targeting Specific Aspects of Performance and Wellbeing
  • Keynote Talks and Podcast Interviews
  • MHFA England Workplace Mental Health First Aid Courses
  • Performance Coaching for Leaders including Mindset Coaching

Check out some of our recent case studies working with business and NHS leaders and their teams during COVID19

    Louise Ansell

    Louise has extensive experience of developing training and coaching solutions for a range of individuals and organisations within the education sector, extreme sports industry, public and private sector business, the armed forces and emergency services.

    Over a career spanning 25 years, she has helped thousands to increase their levels of wellbeing and achievement, and to develop the courage, skills and strategies to perform at their best, even under pressure. This has included working with leaders to help their teams through high stress contexts, through to helping individuals to put into action fast acting strategies to manage their mindset and optimise their levels of wellbeing and performance. 

    Louise holds a range of teaching and coaching qualifications including being a Strategic Intervention Coach, Master Life Coach, MHFA Mental Health First Aid trainer and Psychology degree holder (with a specialism in performance under pressure). Louise is also one of the few females to achieve one of the highest mountain instructing qualifications in the UK. She is also the Director of Sky Bounders Ltd and leads our training and coaching programmes.

    Laura Tejada

    Laura comes from a Career Advisor and Talent Consultancy background. Over the past 10 years she has worked closely with small, to enterprise sized organisations globally. Laura’s expertise contributes to our courses, in addition to working with organisations on a consultancy basis to improve employee wellbeing, retention and talent attraction. 

    Laura is also the Head of People for Extrinsica, a Microsoft Partner. Her role focuses on employee growth, progression, engagement and retention. 

    The Rest of the Team...

    We also work with a range of independent consultants who contribute to our courses and coaching programmes. They are all carefully selected for their particular expertise, knowledge base and ability to support, inspire and engage people.


    The feedback given was very positive, with the course being presented in a relaxed way which encouraged participants to take part and really get involved. They found the course was very detailed and informative. One in particular described his experience as 'life changing' and felt he has come away with a whole new approach toward looking at how people behave and how he could approach colleagues if he had concerns they may be struggling with mental health issues.
    Helen Petty
    HR, Recruitment and Training
    Louise of Sky Bounders arranged and provided a highly successful series of Mental Health First Aid training sessions. She ensured that she really understood our sector, the requirements of our support consultants, and our business needs. The individual feedback from delegates was excellent, and many commented on how the training benefited them, not just in their role, but personally as well. Louise is engaging, empathetic, and keeps the energy in the training room going. First Class!​
    Graham Coiley
    Louise is a first rate coach and trainer. During a 4-hour workshop, she gave practical and applicable advice and, 6 months on, I’m routinely using the tools she taught me. There’s no question that an investment in bringing Louise’s expertise into your organisation will be rewarded by enhanced team performance.
    Kathryn Askew Smith
    Project Manager
    Louise is the consummate professional. She regularly provides training for my learners and staff team. The feedback from learners and peers is always exceptional. Communication is always prompt and the courses are well organised, with excellent and well applied content. I look forward to working with you again soon
    Ben Reynolds
    Programme Co-ordinator

    We believe...

    Potential is limitless and people can achieve the incredible
    Success can be maintained providing wellbeing is sustained
    Motivation is unstoppable when people’s values are met
    Talent blossoms in the right environment 
    Compassion is the bedrock for happiness and health
    Culture can be cultivated to enhance wellbeing
    We all create ripples
    We all make a difference