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Online Mental Health First Aid Courses + Strategies for COVID19

Improving wellbeing can boost productivity by 15%, it improves relationships and decreases sickness. Learn how to spot the warning signs when someone is having difficulty and develop the skills to help. Become a certified Mental Health First Aider and make a positive impact on others lives.

Wellbeing & Performance Strategies, Talks & Training

Take employee satisfaction, retention and productivity to the next level. The right small changes for employee wellbeing have massive impacts. Discover what you could be doing to help your team thrive. For organisations who want to move beyond mediocre, and achieve the extraordinary.

Online Mental Health Awareness + Strategies for COVID19

We are now able to run the Nationally Recognised Mental Health Awareness Course as an online webinar format. This will also include factors that people need to be aware of during the Coronavirus Outbreak.
Plus training in strategies to maintain wellbeing during the pandemic will also be included – completely free of charge during the COVID-19 Outbreak.

Wellbeing & Performance Coaching

Personalised coaching is the fastest way to develop your performance and wellbeing. We provide leadership coaching, mentoring for Wellbeing Leads and support for Mental Health First Aiders. We also work with individuals who want to develop life-changing strategies and techniques to perform at their best whilst maintaining their wellbeing – even in challenging situations.

Articles & Resources

Mental health and wellbeing articles and resources. Offering ideas, inspiration and strategies for increasing happiness and wellbeing. Ranging from how to support others through challenging times, and managing workplace wellbeing, through to developing techniques for maintaining your own wellbeing personally and professionally.

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As soon as we work with you, you become part of the Sky Bounders family. We like to keep in touch and we love to see you back on future courses. For that reason we offer our clients access to occasional discounts and special offers on future events. You'll find details about these together with other handy info including downloads.

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